Corfu Guide

Information about Corfu Island and a short travel guide we have put together just for our customers, about Corfu island and the most popular locations.

Paleokastritsa, Agios Georgios, Arillas, Agios Stefanos, Sidari, Roda, Kassiopi, Acharavi,Glifada,Kalami,Pelekas,Paramonas,Agios Gordios,Old Perithia,Nissaki.

About Corfu

Corfu is an island which enchanted poets and kings It’s the port which linked the East to the West.

This place offered shelter to Ulysses , the divisive hero of Homer, it was chosen by Poseidon to indulge into his love for Amphitriti, and still it continues to welcome and inspire its visitors to this day: With its pretty, romantic, natural, historic and above all spontaneous nature, visitors find Corfu to be a really charming place. Visitors tend to ask hotel reception desks the same question: “Can I stay here a little more?;”

Europeans no longer consider it to be an exotic destination, however it continues to be one of the most fascinating places in Europe. It offers an impressively varied flora, desert beaches, crystal water, narrow paths through thick, perennial olive trees , Byzantine churches , medieval villages, traditional Greek taverna’s (small restaurants) as well as modern accommodation and amusement facilities. Corfu is a place which refreshes the mind and reactivates the human senses.

The climate of the archipel of Corfu is warm Mediterranean. The summer here is warm and relatively dry with a blue sky, often cooled by seasonal breezes, offering the ideal conditions for Surfing, while rarely is it interrupted by rains. The mountainous areas are cooler. The winter here is mild. Rainfall occurs mainly from November till March. On average, there are 3000 hours of sun per year with an average daily sunshine duration of 8,5 hours.

    Vlacherena Monastery
    Corfu Old Fortress
    Achilleion Palace
    St. George Temple
    New Fortress
    Museum of Asian Art
    Easter in Corfu
    Old Town of Corfu
    Canal D'Amour
    Mt. Pantokrator

Area Guide


Considered by many to be the most beautiful spot on Corfu, upon seeing it for the first time, it is stunning. Situated on Corfu’s North-West coast, it is a short drive from Corfu town (20min) or from other large resorts, like Sidari (30min). With it’s beautiful coves and large, submerged caves, Paleokastritsa is a must see for someone visiting Corfu this summer.

Further up the North coast of Corfu, we arrive at Agios Georgios or Saint George. With it’s large crescent beach and golden sand, Saint George is a beach lovers paradise. Surrounded by large cliffs and relatively untouched by large scale tourism, a day trip to Agios Georgios is a perfect holiday from your holiday.

Agios Georgios

Situated between Agios Georgios and Agios Stefanos is the small beautiful town of Arillas. Sleepy in nature and perfect for the person wanting to get away from it all. Arillas has a great beach, clear water and really good food. Also, it is close enough to other large resorts, where you have the services it can’t provide.

Continuing North from Agios Georgios, we arrive at Agios Stefanos. A large bay with crystal clear water and small rolling waves, Agios Stefanos is a more mature – built up version of Agios Georgios. There are plenty of bars, resaurants, car hire and other services to fulfill your holiday wishes this summer.

Agios Stefanos

Almost directly North, we arrive at the town of Sidari and one of corfu’s main resorts. Situated between the cliffs of Logas, Canal D’ Amou and Agios Ioannis – Sidari has a perfect mixture of natural beauty and holiday fun. From water sports, boat trips, excursions, great food to relaxing beches – Sidari has it all for you this summer season.

Heading East from Sidari, we arrive at the town of Roda. More built up than the other towns we have seen until now, Roda is a busy intersection between the towns to the West and Acharavi and the towns of the East. With many shops and some lively bars, Roda is a nice place to stop for a drink or two. Make sure to drive along the beach for some nice restaurants.


The largest and most built up town on Corfu’s North coast is the resort town of Acharavi. While it does have a long pebbly beach, Acharavi’s main attraction is its shopping and restaurants. With live music, fun bars and yummy food, Acharavi is a great place for a meal and some fun. Additionally one can relax in one of the many beautiful beach bars.

Last but not least, we arrive in Kassiopi and one of Corfu most stunning harbor towns. While sporting only a small rocky beach, the water is gorgeous and crisp. With water sports and some amazing ruins, kassiopi is a must see while visiting Corfu’s North coast. Also, while in kassiopi, don’t forget to try some of the amazing sea food that is served up fresh everyday.


Maximum temperatures Celcius


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Hours of sunshine – Corfu

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7 10 12 12 11 9 6

Hours of sunshine – London

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