When to Visit Corfu

Corfu and the nearby islands are the Gate between the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea, between mainland Greece and Italy. The strategic importance of the position of the islands in the Mediterranean Sea, on the main marine trade crossways, was the cause that made them “ the apple of discord ” for the Great Powers throughout history. This very position makes possible today the direct air connection of Corfu to almost all European counties, as well as the daily ship connection with several ports of Italy, Mainland Greece and Albania. Simply speaking, it’s easy to come here, but it is then hard to decide to go away.

The findings of Roman mansions which have been discovered throughout the island as well as the famous Achilleion Palace prove that Corfu is an ever lasting popular tourist destination. The Mediterranean climate and the high living standards make Corfu the ideal place to spend any time of the year.

It has a mild winter with relatively high temperatures(5-14oC) and quite a lot of sun (appr. 4,5 hours daily). Spring here is impressive and offers visitors the privilege to enjoy the wealth of vegetation and colors, combined with high-taste tourism. Easter celebration here becomes the experience of a lifetime.Summer is the most popular season for Corfu, with beautiful beaches and crystal water for unconcerned hours on the beach.

Autumn is the season of vintage, the period during which the whole island smells of grapes; it may be the best time to get to know thw routine of the island.

Christmas and New Year’s Day in Corfu is music, hymns, carols, in a quiet, decorated place with a mild climate and a noble finesse.

The satisfactory infrastructure and the multiple possibilities for various activities are ideal for group holidays on Corfu and the nearby islands.

Motivation trips, congress tourism, school trips, Ferrari or antique cars clubs and Harley Davidson groups meet here every year.

Corfu is also a very good destination for holidays in family.

Corfu may not have a Disneyland, children’s museums, zoos or other things closely connected with children, but the whole island is ideal for children . It’s one of few places in the world, where children are bound to find what they really need: a warm welcoming. In Corfu there are no tropical diseases, criminality, violence, dangerous sea and any other kind of “danger”. Children here, as you will see for yourselves, play safely in the streets, in the parks, at the playgrounds, on the beach. The way of life of the Corfiot people is almost in family . Check this out, and you will see that it is worth bringing here your children some time .

In the neighbourhoods of the town and at the various villages the residents keep wide open the doors of their houses, they spend the afternoon chatting on the cobbled streets, while their children play unconcerned and they always welcome newcomers . In other words, what characterizes life here is safety and friendship. Besides, it is not random that the word philoxenia is Greek, or that Homer decided to choose Corfu as the place that welcomed Ulysses .

Corfu’s nature , sea and history have made sure so that you today, no matter when you come, or how long you will stay, or your style, you will certainly find original and interesting situations to exercise and to have fun. In a place with a tradition in tourism of at least 130 years,