Advice for Renters

Before Leaving home

Check the traffic laws for the country you are traveling to. Such information can be requested from the embassy or consulate of the country you will visit. You will also find useful information in our Travel Guide. Be sure your driver’s license is valid and check if you also need an international one. Don’t forget the car rental voucher. Make a brief plan for your first day of driving. Where and when will be your first stop?

Do you have a mobile phone? Does it work abroad? You may need to call your phone company to check how to make the changes for certain countries. Remember that also you will pay if somebody is calling you abroad. Remember to find out which country code you have for home. Please note that in many countries it is forbidden to use the mobile phone whilst driving.

Tips for Driving

Route planning
Have a skim over the map at home to decide how far you want to go and in how much time.

Leave the detailed planning for later but make sure that you have your first day’s route roughly in mind.

Who’s driving? If you are sharing the driving, make sure that all drivers are authorized and that they all have a valid driving license and a passport.

Planned stops No one is designed to sit still for hours on end neither in an office nor in a car.

The most important exercise is to set a time limit and to stop for a meal or a stroll when you reach that limit. Break up the journey into maximum 2-hour segments if you are traveling with children.

Ideally, choose your first overnight stop as near to the airport as possible, particularly if you have arrived after a long flight. The idea is to enjoy your holiday, not exhaust you!

Traveling with children Do your children get car sick? If so, you will want to avoid anything visual. Is everyone happy to listen to the same nursery rhymes the whole way, or will you all go mad? If there is only one portable CD or walkman, will it cause more arguments than it’s worth

In Case of Accident

In the unlucky event of accident the most important advice is: STAY CALM and try not to panic! If anybody is injured, help them first and if needed call the ambulance Call the car rental company.

Call also the police and make a report of the accident/damage. Obtain as much information as possible about the other vehicle and driver, like name, registration number etc. In case of mechanical breakdown contact the car rental company or the Road Assistance.